Quick Silver®

A versatile Trout, Salmon, Pike and Walleye magnet

Product Description

The Williams Quick Silver was designed for action. A long-time favourite of Lake Ontario Chinook anglers, the Quick Silver is designed to imitate a darting baitfish. Featuring Williams’ world famous precious metal finishes, 24 carat gold and jewelry quality silver, which reflect light farther and brighter than any other known finish. Troll the Quick Silver with a downrigger, dipsy diver or leadcore, or with straight mono for early season fishing in shallow water. Cast it out in and reel it in with jerking motions. You can even jig it under the ice! It will be a magnet to salmon, trout, and char, but also to any pike or walleye that’s passing by.

Stock No. Length Approx. Weight Colors
QKS3 3" - 7,2 cm 1/3 oz - 9.5g All
QKS4 4" - 10,2 cm 2/5 oz - 17g All
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