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Williams and Mooselook kits have been developed to offer the angler an assortment of proven styles and colours by species and/or by style and size of lure. These lures have been chosen from angler favourites for the species or fisheries they are targeting. Fishing specifically for trout, walleye or pike? Choose from our 4 pack species specific kits like the 4-TK trout, the 4-TTK trout trolling or the 4-PW pike & walleye. Have a favorite lure? Choose from our series kits like the Wabler classics. If stream trout or panfish are your preference, try the 4-W32M. The 4-TK2 Trout and 4-PW2 Pike and Walleye offer anglers an option of more vivid colours in the two most popular kits in the Williams line up. The classic original Wabler is represented in 5 sizes ranging from the small W20 found in the 4-W32M kit through to the lake trout and northern pike favourites, the W50 and W60 sizes found in the 4-50 & 4-60 kits. The W40 is also featured in a classics kit. The W30 is found in the 4-W32M.

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