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GCH Gold Chartreuse
GOR Gold Orange
H Half & Half
G Gold
S Silver
COP Copper
EB Electric Blue
C Chartreuse
FW Fire Wabler
RB Rainbow
Williams Wabler Lite series offers the classic original Wabler in 1/2 the weight. This Lite series is a perfect option for shallow water presentations where you will have the advantage of the proven action of the Wabler and the flash of the precious metal finishes in a spoon which will run shallower and work at even the slowest trolling speeds. Short cast it into the shallows or pockets and let it flutter down. Use it as an attractor without a hook followed by 12” to 24” of Maxima line and a fly or hook and bait or troll it deeper using leadcore or a downrigger. The Wabler Lite really shines in a slow retrieve or troll presentation where its lighter weight allows it to work at slower speeds and run shallower than the traditional classic W50 Wabler. The design originated from angler comments suggesting just that. Especially in the early spring, certain species are found in shallower water that warms first after ice out. To be able to target these fish you need a lure that can effectively be worked in the shallower water and often, a slower presentation is more effective at this time of year. Therefore you need a light weight lure that will not sink down through the water column when worked at a slower speed. The Lite works just fine under these conditions and with the addition of a little weight, is just as effective in deeper water  resentations. It is not limited to a slow troll either with added weight to keep it down.
PK Pink
 A century old North American tradition with world wide recognition.   Jewelry quality genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes. Nothing reflects any and all available light like precious metals.
A V A I LAB L E  with treble hoohk (W55), without hook (W55SH) bulk no hook (W55 R) or siwash (W55SS)
CDIC Candied Ice Silver Back
HN Silver & Gold Nu-wrinkle
BTOR Burnt Orange Silver back