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BDAP Bad Apple
CDIC Candied Ice
CHTP Chartreuse Tape
RTP Red Tape
EBTP Electric Blue Tape
Genuine silver plated Trophy I and Trophy II lures have been extensively tested in both river and open water conditions. Williams Trophy I (1/2 oz) and Trophy II (3/4 oz) are excellent casting and trolling lures. They are most effective when trolled or retrieved at a slow speed where their unique design provides maximum action, flash and enticing vibrations. Sporting the trademark Williams stabilizing ridge, the Trophy series has become a favorite with anglers. From pike to Great Lakes salmon, the Trophy has proven itself. This wide bodied spoon emits strong vibrations and its large surface area produces plenty of flash. The heavier weight of the Trophy allows for longer casts and holds its depth upon retrieve or while trolling.
A V A I LAB L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks.
 A century old North American tradition with world wide recognition.   Jewelry quality genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes. Nothing reflects any and all available light like precious metals.