The Williams Flasher slow wide, side to side wobble

followed by a baited snelled hook or fly make them

hard to resist by trout or other game fish and very

productive. Best worked at a slow speed where the

wide bodied shape offers a side to side movement that

imparts a darting action to the trailing bait. This design of spoon has proven itself for decades. The Flasher simply improves upon a good thing by adding

the trademark Williams stabilizing bar and genuine

silver and 24K gold finishes.


The Flasher is modeled after the original Lake Clear

Wabbler. It was the original spoon of that design that

had proven itself an angler favourite. We did not make

an exact copy but rather took the design and incorporated it into a Williams series. The F1 is slightly smaller at 2-3/4” than the original LCW1 and the F2 slightly larger at 3-3/8”. The Flasher includes the trademark Williams rib and is offered in different colour accents as well as the classic ½ and ½ patterns.



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