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EB Elecrtic Blue
OR Orange
PK Pink
RB Rainbo
C Chartreuse
R Red
The Williams Dartee dates back to the 1940’s. In its original form or in the new modern day version, the Dartee has been producing for anglers for 75 years. Well known for trout and salmon, this versatile spoon is most often used in a trolling presentation but is also popular as a jigging spoon, especially on the ice. Lake trout, salmon, rainbows and browns all find the Dartee difficult to resist. We also receive many comments from anglers targeting walleye with the Dartee, a great baitfish imitation. The Dartee incorporates the advantages of; the Williams precious metal genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes for flash and visibility, popular and effective colour accents and its unique design which allows the Dartee to work well at a variety of speeds, imparting a “darting” action which predators cannot resist.
A V A I LAB L E  with sin gle si w a sh hooks..
 A century old North American tradition with world wide recognition.   Jewelry quality genuine silver and 24 karat gold finishes. Nothing reflects any and all available light like precious metals.